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Hot China Rates

Pangaea, the way ahead

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Hot China Rates

China is a very important market for us all today. You can’t afford not to be competitive. Unfortunately freight rates out of the region have the consistency of the Yellow River. Making it very difficult for importers and exports to guarantee costs for extended periods of time.

This introduces and element of risk to sales which you could do with out.

We monitor the Chinese and Hong Kong freight markets weekly through our network of contacts. Daily when the market requires. We can assure customers’ of the very best value in freight rates on the services required at time of shipment.

Ask us about our “fixed margin freight”

Ask us for a quotation.

The starting point is to contact us and let’s discuss your service needs.

PANGAEA, the way ahead

Pangaea is an order management system and Jackson Global Logistics is proud to have had a long association with it. We realised the potential of this system early in it’s development and make it available to customers for their benefit through internet access.

Pangaea allows;

Book, Track and Trace your shipments online

Pangaea is a system that automates the freight forwarding process. An importer can place an order directly with their supplier via the web...

Connects your Supply Chain

Pangaea sits between all relevant parties, it facilitates the transfer of information, responds to requests, sends automated messages and stores data that can be immediately retrieved at any moment...

Live Updates from Airlines & Shipping Lines

Pangaea provides up-to-date data from almost every shipping line and airline in the industry...

Order Process Management

A colour-coded snapshot of the progress of your orders, taking only seconds to see if an order is meeting all milestones...

Line/Part Tracking

Pangaea now supports Line/Part tracking with features such as; re-ordering, line item search and container allocation...


Pangaea operates in 16 different languages/dialects. Emails and screens are translated to the language of choice for each user...

Whether you are an existing customer or haven’t used our services before, contact us about how Jackson Global Logistics and Pangaea can benefit you and your supply.

Click here to login into Pangaea.

FREE TRADE, what’s in it for you?

The present world economic climate has seen “one on one” free trade agreements (FTA) become the norm. There are many countries seeking preferential trade with Australia and we are seeking the same in return.

The problem is that the literature and descriptive matter tends to be non-specific, confusing and very protracted. Also all agreements, potential, planned or agreed are in different stages of development. Even signed FTAs are developing and changing.

There exists a climate of uncertainty about these trade agreements that seems to discourage business from properly monitoring these FTAs for possible opportunities or equally potential risks.

That could be very costly. Can you afford to do that?

The answer, talk to Jackson Global Logistics for the latest FTA Information that effects your trade. We’ll give you what you need to know to plan your future trade strategies.

Contact us now for more information.